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Collections Professional Development

The Collections Professional Development Program seeks to enhance the academic knowledge and technical skills of staff on stewardship issues to ensure awareness and the successful application of Institution-wide collections management policies and standards. The Collections Professional Development Program connects collections-minded professionals, offering staff a platform to collaborate with colleagues across multiple disciplines.

The workshops, events, courses, and resources provided by the Collections Professional Development Program facilitates and encourages the professional growth of Smithsonian staff, promoting awareness of the Institution’s commitment to collections stewardship.


Online Learning

Established to support the ongoing professional development of staff, the online collections curriculum provides a series of courses on a variety of collections topics through an internal, online educational platform (Moodle).


NCP regularly hosts presentations on collection-related topics connecting participants from across the Smithsonian community through an internal webinar series.


Workshops provide in-person training opportunities to experience hands-on demonstrations and related collections discussions throughout the year. Promoting stewardship across the Institution, these workshops enhance the skills of collection staff and invite non-collections staff to collaborate with their colleagues.

Collections Quarterly

The CQ features collections-related information, events, and articles showcasing the work of the Smithsonian community. This internal publication provides staff an opportunity to share their work with colleagues across the Smithsonian. 

To download digital copies of past and current CQ publications, please visit our Collections Quarterly Archives.


Collections Collaboration Community (C3)

Introduced in August 2017, C3 connects collections staff from all disciplines and units from across the Smithsonian. Membership includes over 980 collections stewardship advocates, connecting collections staff, and non-collections colleagues.

C3 Conference

The annual C3 Conference focuses on collection-related issues suggested by staff during the yearly Collections Share Fair. Specific, issue-focused groups of collections-minded staff from across the Institution meet throughout the year to continue conversations and develop action plans.

Collections Share Fair

This annual event provides a venue for collections stewards from across disciplines and specialties to display their accomplishments and discuss research projects with the Smithsonian community, raising awareness on particular topics. The fair is open to all Smithsonian badge holders and encourages collaboration and communication through tabletop presentations and poster displays.

Virtual Presentations from the 2021 Collections Share Fair

Sunburst Stewards

The Sunburst Stewards collections professional development social group welcomes anyone interested in collections to attend regular meet-ups for casual networking opportunities and social events.

2019 Share Fair AIB
NMNH Table
C3 Conference 1

For more information on the collections professional development program or to join the C3, please contact Samantha Snell with your SI email.

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